Recipes: Delicious Combination of coffee and dates in the Cake

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Who said you could only enjoy the fruit dates directly in the fresh condition? There are so many ways of eating dates. However, the most popular is in the form of sweet desserts like cakes, chocolate, biscuits to pastry.

The dates you can also combine it with other ingredients to produce dishes delicious creations in the fasting month. One that is easy because the material is definitely owned every housewife is a combination of dates and coffee cakes that are fragrant aroma and will make anyone a tasteful meal.

For that, check out the full recipe as reported by All of the following Recipes.

Coffee Cake Dates

-1 cup dates, rough cut
-1 tsp baking soda
-1 cup brewed coffee
-2 tbsp butter, melt
-1 cup granulated sugar
-1 egg
-1 tsp vanilla
-1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
-1 tsp salt
-1 cup pecan nuts, rough cut

How to make a

1. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 175 degrees celsius. Prepare a baking dish measuring 20x10 centimeters and alasi with paper of the toaster.

2. enter dates, pecan nuts, baking soda and coffee that's been allowed to reach room temperature into a medium sized bowl. Set aside.

3. In another bowl which is larger, enter the butter, sugar and eggs. Mix until blended. Add vanilla, flour and salt. Stir again until well blended.

4. enter dates and coffee of yesteryear into the cookie dough. Mix well and pour into a baking dish.

5. bake the dough for an hour. Once cooked, remove the cake from the oven and let sit for about 5 minutes before it is lifted from the baking pan.

Culinary sensation at the top of the Hill the city Flower

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Bandung is  resep kue pukis one of the places in West Java that has many unique whether it be from the attractions, crafts being created, creativity is produced, which featured a variety of cuisines, as well as the uniqueness of the uniqueness that makes us interested to enjoy it and would love to feel the sensation of being there. Well, that's why Bandung was one of the places in West Java which is compulsory once for your visit, aside from Jakarta, Bogor, and Surabaya. In addition to resep pastel goreng  the renowned hospitality of its people as well as a generous smile, polite and amicable. Bandung is also famous with the weather is still cool, as well as natural. This is because, Bandung is located on a plateau so the weather is a little different from the surrounding cities.

Residents of Bandung is famous for his creativity, then one of the latest breakthroughs, especially in the culinary world that you have never tasted, is enjoying a culinary sensation above the height of the Hill in Bandung. Well, for those of you who want to enjoy how it feels to enjoy typical food from Bandung with families and couples then feel the sensation of eating above the height will be more memorable. Below are a few culinary attractions on the Hill was in Bandung, worth a try.

Meatball Noodle stalls Lela, located at Jalan Rancakendal No. 6 Kupa Dago Over Bandung. Eating the Meatballs in place of the usual may have been okay but how if enjoyed the meatballs with panoramic view of nature from a height of sehigga we can see of Bandung from the top. Well, that makes you more memorable eating meatballs which in addition to being on the Hill, the exotic buildings were also made the sensation of eating a Meatball you become more memorable with ancient Javanese style buildings plus the splendid spaces so as to make visitors more welcome to linger in this place.

Moko, is the name of a shop that is located  above an altitude of Bandung city. The Hill is situated in the village of moko Cimuncang. This more famous Moko stalls among the children hang out especially lovers off roaders. Because the road leading to the site requires a struggle as well as medan road uphill and down so that it takes patience to get to the location. In fact, the menu featured stalls Moko is very simple, for example just like fried noodles or boiled corned beef, grilled bananas, fried rice and a warm drink. For the price you need not worry because it is very friendly with the bag.

Kampung Daun, cafe located on jalan Sergeant Bajuri km. 4,7 No.88 RRI Bandung ambience that is very different from most cafes. This is because, it is located above the ketiggian and away from the bustle of the city so you can feel the atmosphere of the pristine and cool. The name of the village itself Leaves taken because this spot is filled with leaves of chayote. As for his own philosophy of chayote that is more lush the ducking. So, this Leaves the village cafe is a village of modest and low profile.

One of the things that make us feel comfortable and able to cause a good impression at the time was in addition to the culinary scene, there are things that also determine the location and ease of access, there are hotels in bandung that easily we get. Well, like some culinary tourist location in Bandung, which has described above may be consideration for those of you who want to feel the sensation of enjoying a meal with the location and the atmosphere is different from the usual.

Like Fried Eggs Soft-boiled?

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Whether you are someone who likes resep gado gado  to eat fried eggs?

If Yes, make sure the eggs are fried until cooked if you don't want affected by the danger.

Do you know if the eggs are fried half-baked known there are bacteria such as salmonella and clostridium botulinum.

Not only that, the half-cooked fried resep pempek palembang  eggs also can leave harmful pathogens cause poisoning caused by bacteria, such as stomach cramps, diarrhea and so on.

Then, this information is what is rumored? check out the full info as follows:
The danger of half-cooked fried eggs
Scientists memeringatkan the dangers of eating half-cooked fried egg. They say that bacteria like salmonella and clostridium botulinum which causes poisoning in foods can be found on the egg is boiled or fried half-cooked.

Raw egg or eggs cooked half done may leave dangerous pathogens for the body. This should be avoided, especially by young children, the elderly, and people with immune system or physical weakness, said a statement which cited Health Care Asia, Monday (22/9/2014).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, salmonella can there are outer and inner part of the egg looks normal. If the eggs are eaten raw or lightly cooked, the bacteria can cause a variety of harmful disease.

According to the food and drug Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, salmonella can be found in the raw food ingredients, such as eggs and chicken meat. Salmonella can proliferate when the pamasakan process is not perfect. Pain caused by these bacteria are called salmonellosis.

Symptoms of poisoning caused by bacteria, such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever which occurred 8-72 hours after eating contaminated food. Other symptoms are chills, headache, nausea, and vomiting, which can last for over seven days.

Many people recover without treatment, but salmonella infections can also harm the soul, especially in children, the aged, and people experiencing disruption of the immune system, according to the Information Center of the national Intoxication, BPOM RI who wrote the release titled "Food Poisoning due to Bacterial Pathogens".

Clostridium botulinum is a bacterium that can cause intoxication (poisoning). The resulting toxin botulinum poison, is called a nerve that can lead to the complete (paralysis). Food warming up to a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes is said to be enough to damage the toxin.

Explained that due to botulism poisoning symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizzy spells, headaches, shaded view, throat and nose feels dry, abdominal pain, fatigue, weak muscles, complete, and some cases can lead to death. These symptoms can occur 12 to 36 hours after toxin ingested.

Wow, Iftar with Semur in Curry

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In CURRY does have  resep batagor bandung a scent that well after eaten. However, for those who are hooked in Curry it doesn't matter.

Well, if you are confused to create menus fast, there is no harm in Your trying to make it in Curry stews. The following ingredients and how to make it.

500 grams in Curry, cold water for 3 resep soto daging  days (replace the water each day), boiled in hot water 15 minutes, drain, memarkan
6 grains of red onion, finely sliced
2 cm galangal, bruised
• 4 pieces of bay leaf
• 3 stalks Lemongrass, bruised
• 10 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
2 teaspoons of nutmeg powder
800 ml water
2 tablespoons of oil for sauteing

Subtle Seasoning:
6 grains of red onion
• 3 cloves of garlic
5 pieces red pepper curls

How to make:
Saute seasoning smooth with onion slices, galangal, Lemongrass, and Bay leaves until fragrant.
• Enter in Curry. Mix well.
Add the sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper, and nutmeg powder. Stir until swathed in curry sauce.
Pour the water little by little. Leave it until it dries.
For 8 servings

Vegetable Asem

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Hot weather in the resep cireng  last days it makes me always want to enjoy fresh food and soups. One was a vegetable asem/acid.
Imagine it feels that asem-asem seger and slightly spicy makes me drool is heavy. After shopping at a vegetable I looking star fruit star fruit wuluh/vegetable belonging to the neighbors. His intention to ask so. Alas, it was not fruitful. When in fact if using fresh vegetables star fruit. Fortunately there is resep bakwan jagung  tamarind in the House so I get a sour taste of tamarind is. More sedep anymore if pake   leaves gnetum. Dear in Ciledug here leaves melinjonya too old so I do not like. So I skip gnetum leaves. Once cooked enjoyed with rice, salted fish, fried tofu and Sambal terasi duuuhhhh nikmaaattt ... ....

75 gr ground beans which were ari
1 COB of sweet corn, cut round
125 gr chayote, diced
5 lonjor long beans, cut into 2 cm
5 grains of tamarind, dissolve in 100 ml of water
700 ml water
1 tsp salt
2 tsp granulated sugar
1 grain of red tomato, diced

Marinade slices:
5 grains of red onion
2 cloves garlic
5 large green chillies bh

How to make:

Boiled peanuts until tender and cooked, Discard the water and drain.
Enter the sweet corn, sliced spices and water into a saucepan. Boil the corn to a boil and so mature.
Stir in salt, sugar and tamarind juice. Following the chayote, long beans and boiled peanuts. bring to a boil again. After boiling the correction feels. The last type of tomato red and turn off the heat.

Because of the large number of Culinary Indonesia, Christian Sugiono Confused Explain to Relatives abroad

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Actor Christian claimed to be a traditional hawker-mad Indonesia. Although born with the blood mixture of Javanese-Chinese-Germany, Tian was so familiar he accosted, claims to be very typical culinary riches Indonesia boasts.

"Born here (in Indonesia), living here, resep bubur sumsum surely I should be proud of dong. Indonesia cuisine is very rich. If culinary ngomong United Kingdom or Germany, at most they only had one or two culinary mainstay, "said Tian as found in the re-launch event phone application Culinary Heritage Ketchup Bango, Monday (27/10/2014).

Because of the rich traditional  resep lidah kucing cuise of Indonesia, Tian admitted to often bewildered when asked her relatives from other countries about Indonesia's most popular foods.

"I am most responsible fried rice or Satay was so confused. Hehehe, "said the father of one child

With his wife, actress Titi Kamal, who also hooked the run, Tian often fill his spare time with a culinary adventure. Especially when traveling outside Jakarta. Any dealings, whether business or leisure, the traveled to places where the local cuisine is a must for Tian and Titi.

No matter the location or the form of the dining places, be it in a roadside food stall, or a fancy restaurant, the couple will be menjabaninya.

"That is important is clean, and we never taste the cuisine or find in Jakarta. Because if for hawker matters, I feel a bit anti-mainstream, "says Tian who claimed to have been the culinary adventurous happy sitting on the bench since high school.

In the past, however, solved arguably any kind of food definitely try. They both happen to be equally fond of spicy food and coconut milk. Favorite food is The cuisine. While Titi blooded Palembang, said Tian, also quite menggandrungi Sumatran cuisine.

The Sultan was also finally motivates them to open a restaurant in Central Indonesia cuisine kemang as a side business.

But, happy eating the popular cuisine, Tian did not fear kolestrol nih?

"There is definitely a sense of worry lah. But I balance with exercise. If the Husband who likes to feel regret after a meal. Hehehe, "said Tian Semringah.

Another one that became a mandatory ritual. Like most people, each before dining, Tian will be posting photos of the food its culinary expedition that results in social media. He said that activity was also part of a culinary preserve Indonesia yet to host on his own

Miss Indonesia 2012 Guarantee not only ate at the restaurant Satiated

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Typical culinary connoisseurs   resep rendang padang can choose Viet Nam BO and Bun Restaurant at Jalan Raya Basangkasa No. 26, Seminyak, Badung Bali.

"Society has not been too familiar with Indonesia food Viet Nam. Most of them are him food that Viet Nam Pho only, "said Ines Ward, daughter of Bo and Bun.

However, in Bo and this Bun, Ines serves culinary vegetable content fresh with Viet Nam a lot in it. According to him, so that people who eat not only satisfied, but also stay healthy and fresh.

Although claimed to be a food addict, however, Ines, who is also Miss Indonesia 2012, it is highly concentrated to a healthy lifestyle. Her lifestyle was applied on a dish in Bo and Bun.

Not only that, even were down resep es buah  directly Ines in the kitchen in preparing and processing the menus will be offered. A variety of menus offered here is derived from the results of the world he was doing all along.

Ines recognizes the most important should be done in each of his travels is to hunt food, especially the cuisine from the region of intended recipients.

It is realized in the menu is here. Never one time when were in Singapore, he tasted the salad of Viet Nam. Then straightway he instantly fell in love with respect to these foods. And, in Bo and his favourite dish is now one Bun available.

In fact, Viet Nam is not just a salad so mainstay but also favored guests here. Although it is still relatively new, however the visitors this Bun Bo and often come back and then became a guest of the repeater.

Located in the travelers, no wonder many of the guests are foreigners who enliven this place, especially at lunchtime. However, not a few are also the local people and domestic tourists to taste the delicious dishes served in the Bo & Bun

Thematic Restaurant To Celebrate Halloween

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and Halloween celebrations are resep minuman segar  popular in USA and Canada. But not only the citizens of the USA and Canada are celebrating Halloween. Jakarta also ga want to miss the same sunniness celebration on this one. Because now more and more that celebrates Halloween, increasingly many people who take advantage of this celebration to open shops rent or sell halloween costumes. In addition to the store-costume shop for halloween, now also many restaurants have special themes that fit the atmosphere for a gather to celebrate Halloween. Following some recommendations halloween2 Thematic Restaurant For celebrating Halloween from Tim Abra's ... Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar true to its name, Hospitalis Restaurant serves the  exactly as in the hospital. Only one difference-if the hospitals are generally noticeably grim atmosphere, this cheerful Restaurant Hospitalis kok, AbraFoodies. Located on JL. KH Ahmad Dahlan No.31, Kebayoran Baru, Hospitalis Restaurant & this Bar is open until 2 in the morning on Friday and Saturday. If the other day, they open  resep bakpao until 1 in the morning. The red and white colours of the typical hospital dominates the restaurant. Not just the colour is just a typical hospital, used furniture is also the stuff that we can meet in the hospital. Ga is just that, the staff here is also wearing a thick atmosphere to add a sister House of pain. With the theme of hospitals, It's not that the food they serve is also a typical hospital food Yes, AbraFoodies. Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar will spoil you with a selection of typical dishes, Japanese, Indonesia and Western which certainly served in a unique way. Bong Kopitown As the first prison themed restaurant in Indonesia, Chandra, the owner of the Bong Bong Kopitown want visitors to feel the thrill and experience of eating like a prison, unlike other restaurants. Do not berburuk with the restaurant used to be thought that this one; Although the lighting is Dim with the concept of prison made, however the staff were welcoming and friendly. Furniture-furniture of ancient books such as the first time, the phone first, a typewriter era, abacus, unique items and time first acted for the atmosphere of the prison time was once more felt. A question of food, they have a mainstay dish Nasi prison is a mix of rice and vegetables (such as capcay) and the Spicy Rendang Noodle which has a level of spiciness from 1 to 8 with unique names like Se, Moyung, Kiak Mei Kuan, Li Shi Hai Ching Ping, Sen, Bohwat, Aubat, up to Amsiong (which is the hottest level). * BlackHouse If AbraFoodie is still not satisfied with the above two restaurants, you can immediately drove to the area, in Kebayoran Baru JL. Cililin Raya No. 3. Building this resto is dominated by black and there is a picture of a suit and bow tie which is the logo of the BlackHouse. The building has 4 floors with BlackHouse 7 area in it, AbraFoodie! Areas here have different themed settings. For wine area, boutique area, and books, there are areas on the first floor. Go up to the 2nd floor, the atmosphere becomes more girly with a touch of color on two different areas, Candy and Flower. On the area of Candy, the color fuschia dominates the room. While in the area of Flower, shades of green with a touch of natural more dominate.

Specialties Culinary Festival in Surabaya Tunjungan

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A variety of culinary resep roti goreng  specialties of Surabaya will be available at the Festival of culinary Tunjungan, held along the road Tunjungan, Surabaya, Sunday (2/11/2014).

The citizens of the city of Surabaya and surrounding areas who want to taste the typical food of Surabaya, can find it here.

"There are about 100 busine enterprise  resep pepes tahu (SME) Surabaya City Government and SMEs assisted residents who enliven the Culinary Festival Tunjungan. A variety of culinary specialities, traditional drinks and pastries typical of Surabaya is here, "bright head of Department of culture and tourism (Disbudpar) city of Surabaya, Wiwiek Widayati, to SURYA Online ( Network), Friday (30/10/2014).

This event, said Wiwiek, is a series of 10 Heroes ' day commemoration December 2014.

Culinary Festival is held starting at Tunjungan 16.00 BST until 22.00 pm.

In addition to culinary delights, a culinary Festival Tunjungan diramaikan it will also be a variety of the arts, such as ludruk, band, percussion and also DJ